Industry:  Defence

Client name: Supacat

Project: Talent Strategy + Facilitation of Facet5 personality profiles and Teamscape

Supacat are a fast growing engineering company who after winning a new government contract needed to significantly increase their engineering resources in order to deliver.  During a strategy session that I facilitated with the leadership team, sourcing and retaining a significant number of engineers was identified as one of the top priorities.  The new contract would also mean resources were to be geographically spread across Australia and overseas and Supacat wanted to ensure that employees felt connected and part of the broader team regardless of location.

Solutions and strategies

Designed a framework to ensure that we were able to source and select the best talent. 

Identified that retention of engineers was a challenge so an onboarding process was developed maximise engagement as soon as possible, speed up the process to performance and contribution and ensure that people felt connected to the purpose and goals of Supacat. 

Implemented Facet5 personality profiles and a Teamscape session as part of the Welcome week to kick start a focus on development and to promote team cohesion and collaboration.

Reframed the Leadership group’s role in engaging their people in the vision, values, “why” and how to go about delivering the strategy.

Strategy outcomes

Resources were allocated to achieving the recruitment targets and delivering the Welcome sessions ensuring recruitment targets were met.

Facet5 session conducted with all new recruits, kick starting development, orienting them to their role and fostering collaboration with team-mates.

Positive feedback from new recruits about their experience and Welcome to Supacat.

Shift in the culture particularly around collaboration and connection