Industry: Emergency services 

Client name: Country Fire Authority

Project: CFA Inclusive Leadership Program

As part of the CFA’s leadership development suite of programs the organisation was focussed on delivering Inclusive Leadership as a core capability for development to its leaders. I worked closely with the organisation to develop a customised program.

Solutions and strategies


Focussed on what makes people at CFA feel included or excluded

Applied and coordinated interviews, focus groups, video conferences and a desk top review to identify what leaders at CFA do to make people feel included or excluded. 

Incorporated these results into a tailored program designed encompassing examples and language familiar to CFA people. A critical outcome was for this program to resonate with CFA team members offering informative, insightful and practical demonstrations for leaders to confidently create a more inclusive workplace. I focussed on presenting a range of strategies that could be implemented immediately into individual leadership practices.


Piloted the program

We piloted the program with corporate staff to ensure a seamless navigation of design, content and activities.  We gathered and integrated the feedback for a more robust and effective program design so that it’s resonance with staff was ensured.


Organisational roll out and implementation

After pilot completion the program was made available to leaders across the organisation over a 12-month period.


Collaborated with CFA’s Learning and Development teams

With the program’s success contingent on meaningful and actionable content, activities and examples, we built a rigorous revision period into the model. Collaborating with the organisation’s learning and development team was pivotal in analysing insights to ensure we refined a process that really worked for the CFA.


Program revision for volunteer Leaders

The program was so successful that it identified as helpful for volunteer leaders, with some adjustments. These modifications were applied, and it has now been integrated into the leadership curriculum for the CFA’s volunteer leadership program, allowing for time considerations for volunteers and specific leadership scenarios.

Strategy outcomes

  • Developed and facilitated a full day and part day Inclusive Leadership program for all CFA Leaders tailored to the specific needs of the organisation.
  • Program feedback was consistently positive
  • The program was revised and customised to apply to the volunteer leadership cohort

Participant comments:

Very professional presentation by Wendy.

“ Excellent content. CFA should consider providing the full day version to all BMT’s. Thank you”

“This is one of the workshops that I had anticipated would make a difference to how our brigade leaders would be better equipped to deal with more complexity in the future.

It matched that expectation well and being part of the group doing the work I’m encouraged we have improved skills and willingness to use them. Well done.”

“Well done Wendy a very well constructed session.

Would love to learn more – would be good to run at a brigade level – recommended to all members!”

“All members should do it. Great content.

Thought-provoking. Encouraged further reading.”