Industry: Health, Community service, science 

Client name:Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Project: Australian Red Cross Blood Service Leadership Capability Framework

The Australia Red Cross Blood service had a number of leadership capability frameworks developed within the Human resources division,  but they weren’t integrated throughout the organisation or owned by their people.  As an organisation of 3000+ employees, they valued the creation of a simple and robust framework for integral roles and leaders across several divisions.  The brief called for easily understood and relatable integrated framework that captured the voice of the organisation and aligned with the new leadership focus and investment. 

I focussed on outputs that were practical, robust and simple to use for all leaders across the organisation.

Solutions and strategies


Developed robust insights through data gathering and listening to the voice of The Blood Service

I designed and facilitated focus groups, survey’s and video conferences with over 600 employees Australia wide to define “what makes a great Leader at the Blood Service?”. 

The results were analysed to form a range of insights which formed the foundations for a robust leadership capability framework.  In considering future strategy needs, current leadership requirements and the voice of the organisation’s people we developed a draft set of capabilities aligned to each organisational level and validated for importance, proficiency and comprehensiveness.

I worked closely with the internal communications team, ensuring all outcomes were in the language and style of the organisation to connect with all Blood Service people.


Collaborated and engaged with key people process owners to ensure integration and alignment

I collaborated with key people processes owners ensuring the leadership capability framework was integrated into all people processes. This covered areas like talent review, development, training, career planning, remuneration, recruitment, job design and others.


Engaged CEO, executive and senior leaders in validating the data promoting ownership

Through applying a staged approach to gather, analyse, understand, validate and implement the framework, the leadership team were continually engaged.  Insights and results were shared, interpreted and validated before moving on to new stages.  This approach ensured a greater level of ownership and understanding within the leadership team.

Strategy outcomes

  • Robust leadership capability framework underpinning all key people processes
  • Practical and simple people owned and driven definition on “what makes a great leader at the Blood Service”
  • Increased ownership and understanding within the leadership team and buy-in from people at all levels
  • Provided a platform and direction for all leadership development that leaders understand and can relate to