Industry: Agriculture / food production

Client name: Select Harvests

Project: People, Safety and Sustainability Strategy

Select Harvest’s People, Safety and Sustainability Team is newly formed with a big agenda of supporting the business to achieve significant growth and transformation strategies.  The new General Manager needed to quickly identify the key priority areas for the business to delivering on its strategy, align newly formed teams, re-focus efforts to ensure that they avoided over promising and under delivering and create new approaches to enable and familiarise the workforce with technology.


I worked closely with them to deliver clear actions

Solutions and strategies


Provided valuable insights

Developed a diagnostic for the PSS team and the Executive team to identify the key areas of performance and priority to feed into the strategy.

This ensured the team were clear on the priorities for resourcing and focus, identifying gaps between current performance and future planning


Promoted ownership

Co-designed a two-day strategy workshop that engaged PSS team members, involved key business leaders in sharing their strategy and the key PSS implications.


Facilitated for focus, productivity and fun

Workshop sessions engaged the team in the brand, values, the “why” and the business strategy

Focussed on firmly connecting staff to their role in making the strategy happen.

Strategy outcomes

  • Developed a diagnostic to identify the performance gaps and priority focus areas
  • Designed a two-day focused and productive workshop
  • Aligned the PSS team around vision, mission and key priorities
  • Provided expert input into strategic initiatives fostering innovation and agile thinking
  • Defined a customised vision and mission
  • United the team around the key priorities and aligning work effort for the next 12 months
  • Engaged the business in defining their strategy to increase ownership and sponsorship of initiatives
  • Created a defined strategy that is aligned to and enables the business strategy
  • Engaged key members of the Executive Team promoting ownership and sponsorship
  • Validated and clarified the key strategic initiatives and roadmap to enable the business to achieve its objectives