Insightful strategies for the human side of business

Reshape your outcomes through leadership, inclusivity and coaching services for your workplace.

Evolve your culture, resolve your blind spots and nurture fulfilling work environments and leaders.

I care about preparing your people and communicating your values through impactful strategies.

My coaching and consulting lens applies supportive and smart insights developing solutions that improve your business.

I work closely with CEO’s, Executive leadership teams, HR and People and Culture Executives and across organisations to build frameworks and strategies that create accountability and communicate your values connecting with the humanness of your organisation.


You can expect honest and productive conversations when we work together.



You value your people. Let’s reimagine your culture.

Invest in the strength of your team.

Culture is the lifeblood of every organisation, while it’s hard to quantify, it’s important to nurture. Organisational culture shapes the way people think, make decisions and behave and feel a sense of belonging.

When you understand the drivers of your organisation’s culture and the ecosystem that supports it, you’re better equipped to align values with the way you do business.


Service features

  • Culture diagnostic
  • Culture Ecosystem Assessment
  • Culture strategy and implementation road map



Rewire your organisations culture

 If you’re challenged by where to begin, I support organisations in assessing what drives your culture and what holds it back so that you can retain and attract the right people for an engaged team and worthy results


Culture Ecosystem Assessment

My Culture Ecosystem Assessment is a tailored diagnostic which focusses on the drivers and enablers of your culture, helping us create an actionable and measurable strategy to drive performance.

If you’re daunted by the challenge of culture and you don’t know where to begin, as an experienced human resource professional  I create a defined blueprint with you.

Using robust frameworks and research we explore the alignment between your employee’s experience your brand and values and the systems that drive actions and decisions

“Culture is not made up but something that evolves which is human.” 

Edward T. Hall



Lead smart, with heart. The key to good leadership is creating an environment where people feel that they belong, can contribute and are aligned with your organisation’s purpose.

If you’re ready to take leadership to the next level, I work with your team to invest in their leadership impacts through interactive sessions. We explore where you want to be in the future and the decisions you need to make to get there.  

Build a team of leaders who bring out the best in others.

“Wendy has a genuinely authentic approach and her methodologies are always specifically tailored to our situations.

Lainie Tayler, former General Manager, Learning & Development – Asciano


Service features

  • Leadership development programs
  • Executive team development
  • Leadership team strategy sessions
  • Leadership capability frameworks



Building leadership capability

All leaders, regardless of their position in the organisation, are successful when they lead themselves, engage others, achieve results, develop coalitions and establish systems to help their organisations remain relevant, sustainable and successful.

Developing self-motivated, goal-orientated leaders is critical to:

  • Setting direction
  • Demonstrating capabilities
  • Building teams
  • Mobilising knowledge
  • Aligning decisions with values
  • Encouraging self-responsibility for performance

Through group leadership sessions I work with senior teams and leaders to foster inspiring, credible and authentic interactions that connect and motivate your team.

By assessing opportunities and critical thinking around strategic planning and change, I bring out the best in your team to nurture a legacy of curiosity and productivity.

I equip you with skills to engage your people, co-creating a plan so that they are able to consistently follow through for sustained success.



The Teamscape process

If team collaboration is critical to your organisation, Teamscape is a helpful process while incorporating Facet 5 behavioural profiles for team development. It’s a combination of individual data and team collaboration methodology demonstrating team dynamics powerfully and succinctly.

Teamscape clarifies the culture of your team, how relationships are likely to work, and how the work will be managed and delivered. This gives your team new insights while empowering your organisation with new perspectives.

Learn more about Teamscape and Facet5

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult.” 

Warren Bennis

Diversity & Inclusion


The business case is clear, organisations that are diverse and inclusive have greater improvements in organisational performance, effectiveness, profitability and revenue generation.


Become the workplace who champions for your people and the diversity of humankind.


Innovative organisations thrive in compassionate and inclusive cultures where your people truly feel they belong, are heard and their contribution is valued.

Healthy boundaries, reduced isolation and increased flexibility are all ways you can walk the talk and truly exhibit trust, fairness and acceptance. Greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace increases engagement and establishes a greater sense of wellbeing

I partner with you identifying where these values are challenged, how to create a sense of inclusion which promotes a sense of civility, innovation, productivity, humanness and belonging.



Service features

  • Diversity inclusion strategies
  • Diversity Ecosystem assessment
  • Inclusive Leadership program
  • Innovative teams – conscious and unconscious thinking program


    “I consider Wendy to be genuine, pragmatic and tremendously insightful, but what sets her apart is the depth and wisdom that she brings to her analysis of complex issue

    Feyona Lau, Consultant/Psychologist



    Diversity Ecosystem model

    My customised Diversity Ecosystem assessment identifies drivers and enablers and we’ll create a plan that addresses your focussed needs for a clearer pathway towards diversity and inclusivity.


    Inclusive Leadership Program

    Leaders play a critical role in creating an inclusive working environment.  Your people look to them to see what behaviours are acceptable, how to go about their day to day tasks, when to innovate and collaborate, what values we stand by and when to speak up. 

    Providing Leaders with a greater understanding of the drivers of inclusion and a set of practical tools and techniques ensures your people:

    • can speak up and are heard
    • are safe to propose new ideas
    • feel empowered to make decisions
    • can give advice and feedback
    • are clear on what they are doing well and where they can improve
    • feel part of the team’s success
    • are not hindered by systemic barriers to inclusion

    By fully customising the program to your culture, language and goals your leaders are easily able to relate to the content and apply the tools and strategies quickly.

    “Diversity is being invited to the party.  Inclusion is being asked to dance”

    Vernā Myers



    Executive coaches can help you see yourself and others more clearly and leverage on your existing strengths. My customised one-on-one coaching for individuals and executives helps you on your path to professional and personal fulfillment.

    If you’re curious, committed and up for change I ask the tough questions to help you plan your roadmap.

    Like any new endeavour, working with a coach can feel a little confronting, but I’m your reassuring and strategic sounding board to help you become the person you want to be. Coaching sessions are a safe and insightful space to download and strategise in a non-judgemental environment


    Service features

    • Executive coaching
    • One on one coaching
    • Team coaching
    • Coaching skills program




    Unlocking your organisation’s potential and aligning its values builds high performance teams and businesses – but it isn’t a one size fits all model.  My consulting is tailored to help you assess where your organisation’s at through adaptive processes, action planning and skill building.

    It’s important to get the foundations in place to support the behavioural change you want to see.  I help you develop a ‘whole system’ approach ensuring your employee experience matches your brand, values and employer promise while we align systems, processes, technology and policies.

    Let’s equip you with tools, tactics and sustainable strategies for your people to thrive.


    Service features
    • Employee experience mapping and strategies
    • Critical capability building strategies
    • People Strategies
    • Talent & succession management
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Organisational development
    • Leadership development



    Ensure that your team events are engaging and enable your team to flourish, be productive, build relationships, innovate, overcome challenges, have fun and learn something new.

    I am skilled at ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be heard, contribute their best and participate fully.

    Together we will design and create a unique session for your team to ensure that the time spent together is productive, meaningful and propels the team forward towards your shared goals.  Then relax and enjoy participating, leaving it to the expert to create a fantastic experience for your team.


    Service features
    • Team effectiveness
    • Teamscape
    • Team strategy sessions
    • Conscious and unconscious thinking
    • Reflective practice
    • Leadership development Programs
    • Inclusive leadership
    • Flexible and agile work practices

    How I work


    First I seek to understand

    Understanding, your organisation, your people, your values and goals, what makes you unique and tick is the first place go to make sure I deliver what you need.  I love data and evidence and usually start a piece of work by collecting as much information as possible through a range of channels – interviews, survey’s, focus groups, organisational data etc. 


    Relationships deliver the best outcomes

    Working together, drawing on our collective knowledge and experience, challenging each other and developing ideas is how we will deliver better solutions for you.  I invest in and nurture relationships because I truly believe they are the foundation of success and that together we achieve more.  

    Unlocking strategies and shaping success

    My approach harnesses the understanding that significant and sustained change is underpinned by ownership.  I work with you to ensure that your people understand, contribute to, design, embrace and own the change that you desire to make.


    Success is underpinned by designing and implementing interventions for your people that drive;

    • a clear understanding of and alignment to the big picture
    • empowerment around how to achieve results
    • reinforcement of behaviour through systems and processes
    • positive and productive relationships with leaders and peers.




      Quality solutions designed for your unique needs

      There are no “off the shelf” solutions with me.  Drawing on my extensive experience and expertise, everything is designed and developed with you to your unique set of needs and circumstances.


      Sustained outcomes

      Sustained outcomes start with a plan and are reinforced by measurement, together we will create the road map to embed new behaviours, practices and skills to drive greater performance.



      Let’s work together to achieve reinvigorated success

      “Wendy has provided key advice to my Executive MBA Students for many years. The feedback from all participants has been excellent as they are completing their final course. Wendy’s approach, advice and authenticity resonates loudly”.

      Marcus Powe, Educator, Advisor and Entrepreneur