Insightful strategies for the human side of business

Why choose me


Humanness matters to me. And it probably does to you.

That’s why you’ve popped in here to make that connection.
Learning about each other arms us with new perspectives and improves our relationship.

I’m a passionate advocate that it’s the human essentials of culture, leadership and inclusion which are keys to success.

I love seeing people in the workplace stretch themselves, grow, interact and succeed through courageous and impactful strategies. And I’ve committed my professional life to becoming an expert in that space providing uniquely designed, focussed support for people and business.


Think of me as your trusted advisor, dynamic facilitator and inspiring coach.

Creating a great workplace supports your team and ensures your success. Workplace culture is pivotal to driving engagement, impacting on job satisfaction and affecting performance. Your culture is as important as your business strategy.


Solutions driven

Your organisation already has the answers to so many of your challenges. But I help you explore them, unlock them and establish a renewed pathway for resolution.

Solutions are developed by listening to the voice of your people, they’re grounded in research and data, and people’s connections and sense of worth. I’ll work with you to address your challenges, grow your team’ sense of inclusion and contribute to your goal-setting success.


Customised consulting

I work with CEO’s, HR and People and Culture Managers and Executive leaders to find solutions.

When you work with me there’s no one size fits all model – my tailored approach to your unique issues is backed by research, insights and at-the-coal-face experiences. I don’t palm you off on to one of my junior team members after we sign a contract, I continue to work with, and for you.


I motivate people, mobilise their abilities and support leaders to strive for success.

Helping leaders move through workplace challenges, achieve clarity and transform their team and productivity.


Experience and knowledge

With 20 years working in cultural and change leadership, you are in safe and highly skilled hands with me.

I bring in-depth and practical experience, contemporary and professional knowledge and a personable approach when we work together. I’ve seen what works, and what fails organisations. And I’ve road-tested results that transform workplaces and help business boost revenues and morale.


I’m here for the long haul

With over 20 years of expertise, I’m a highly engaged consultant who works alongside you to promote personal and workplace change and growth.  I’m absolutely committed to help you navigate change, improve your workplace culture, optimise performance, increase productivity, foster belonging and achieve rewarding results.

 I ask the tough questions to plan your roadmap for success, and I’ll be there to work with you through change and growth.

When you hand good people possibility, they do great things

Biz Stone  

Who do I work with?

If you understand the value of a human centred approach, but are unclear of how to bring about change, I’d love to work with you.

Chances are we’re also the perfect fit if you’re:

  • stuck for culture and change solutions
  • concerned that the culture you have is not the culture you want
  • worried that your best people are leaving
  • frustrated that you can’t attract the people you really want
  • challenged by leadership development
  • curious about how to unlock people potential
  • exploring transformative team building
  • looking for new tactics to resolve complex challenges
  • preparing for significant shifts in culture, leadership and inclusion
  • aware that culture is critical but not sure how to create it
  • open to exploring new thinking and ideas
  • looking for trusted and customised advisory services to grow your organisation
  • ready to truly value your team with programs that grow your organisation

 Values I stand by


I listen to and understand your complex challenges and create straightforward, commercial and practical steps to implement change


I wholeheartedly believe in the innate potential of people, and work to help others explore and value that too.


Seeing beyond the present and creating a roadmap to navigate the future is always possible, and achievable when we call on our wisdom and courage. 


I think, act and speak with integrity, authenticity and truth, these are the foundations of trust and essential for courageous relationships.

My qualifications

Having held senior Human Resource, Workplace and People Development roles for Vanguard Investments Australia, Pacific Brands, Australia Post and ANZ Banking Groups, I’ve experienced first-hand how important it is to create inclusive and diverse workplace cultures.  

Combining 20 years of professional experience and training, I’ve guided more than 40 organisations and their leadership teams through times of development, reflection, change and succession management.

I’m proud to be an Advisory Board Member for the RMIT Executive MBA and MBA programs and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

I’m fully accredited, trained and qualified

  • Graduate Diploma of Business (Organisation Change and Development) RMIT
  • Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors GAICD
  • Endorsed NAWO Partner
  • Psynapse Unconscious Cognition Accredited Practitioner
  • Facet5 Personality Profile Accredited Practitioner
  • Organisational Role Analysis Practitioner
  • Consultant Inquirer Reflective Practice Technique Practitioner

“Wendy has a unique no-nonsense coaching style that has achieved outstanding results through coaching the team members to step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves to be the best they can be”

– Mark LeBusque Founder and Director

About me – I’m Wendy



What matters to me

Connections with people and nature matter to me.

I’m naturally curious about and interested in people, what makes them tick and what motivates them.


Community connections

I grew up in the Yarra Valley, I’ve enjoyed time living in Melbourne and the USA before calling the Mornington Peninsula home for over a decade. 

It’s here I’ve nurtured my family and together we’ve contributed to local school and sporting activities like netball, football, cricket, and basketball through coaching, fundraising and administration. 

As the kids are growing up, my husband and I continue to be keen travellers and we share a dream to try out living in London some day.

Until then, I’m grounded on home soil as mums-taxi and driving instructor for my two children, comparing our mutual Harry Potter fascinations with one another, while I share their own life dreams from the co-pilot seat of motherhood.


Beyond my professional life

I love to bring meaning to my own connections through quality time with my family and friends, eating good food, having a laugh and even a dance or two.

Beyond the office space, I’m a fan of wide-open spaces.

I’m an enthusiastic amateur bushwalker, and the Grampians National Park is one of my favourite spots in Victoria. 

I love walking of all kinds. The process of slowing down and connecting to your surroundings while you move from one place to another can be filled with wonder. There’s always a discovery to be had and people to meet. 


Finding the balance

Like many people I coach and work with, I value the importance of finding the balance between work, health and play.

I always find time in my day with beach or city walks – my favourite pathways wind through the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, or along Mt Martha beach. 

I feed my love for art, fashion and sporting events as a gallery wanderer and member of the Melbourne Racing Club. 

An avid reader, my two book clubs with local friends and my past English and English Literature teachers from high school fills me up with books and conversation.

I’m proud to be a lifelong learner, who is curious and inspired.  

My bucket list features new projects and passions like pottery, sailing and joining a choir. We can never stop growing, learning and adding new adventures to our journey.


But enough about me, now its time to learn about you!