Industry: Not for Profit

Client name: NAWO – National Association of Women in Operations

Project: Facilitation of Knowledge Sharing event

NAWO – National Association of Women in Operations coordinate knowledge sharing events for their members.  I was asked to design and facilitate a 2 hour knowledge sharing session to explore how to engage the hearts and minds of front-line leaders around diversity and inclusion.  Participating organisations – MaxiTrans, Coles, Australia Post, Linfox and Bega

Solutions and strategies

Developed a fast paced and engaging program allowing participants to share ideas, discuss challenges, and showcase initiatives that are working in other organisations. 

Focused content and discussion on pragmatic solutions that move from resistance to action and from compliance to engagement.

Provided research and education to support the business case.

Partnered with NAWO to develop prework thought provokers to prepare participants for the session.

Strategy outcomes

Engaged leaders in thinking about diversity and inclusion beyond gender.

Moved the discussion beyond social engineering to business benefits.

Promoted connection and collaboration across industry

Evoked genuine passion to create change not only within their workplaces and industry but in the wider community

“Fantastic session Wendy – time just evaporated!”

“Thanks for a great session today. It has inspired me to keep pushing towards diversity in as many conversations as possible.”