Success Story

Industry: RETAIL

Client name: KMART

Project: Transitioning an operational team to a more strategic focus while retaining its traditional strength and capability

We called in Wendy Hanrahan to assist us with a strategic plan to support our HR team to continue delivering operational excellence – at the same time as moving into a more strategic, partnership role for the business as a whole.

It was really about defining how the team should be structured and function in terms of expanding our capability: looking what needed to be done; and then how and who should take on what roles to transition us from where we were without losing our high level operational expertise along the way.
The service we received from Wendy exceeded our expectations.

She came up with a highly effective and workable strategy that clearly aligned the team’s objectives with our overall business objectives, and provided consultancy around the right resourcing and framework to deliver on it – so we were given the practical insights that helped us achieve our goals in practice, as well as the theoretical components.

In terms of the process itself, Wendy was invaluable. Having an external, trusted sounding board was extremely beneficial in exploring ideas and executing them, and in her consultancy role she was objective, fearless and frank. Having an understanding, highly confidential and safe resource available also helped in my own personal learning.

This high level of expertise was delivered in an approachable, understanding and inclusive manner that is all too rare in consulting firms.
If you want to get some real outcomes from an intelligent professional who is also very real and has a bit of fun along the way, then Wendy Hanrahan is it. I would definitely use her again and happily recommend her to others.

Susan Tonks, (previous) General Manager, Human Resources – Kmart